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Whoever You Are, I Love You: Valentine’s Day Connections

Valentine’s Day was earlier this week, and I hope all of my readers and their families enjoyed the day. From sugar highs to dances, to Valentine-themed activities, I know all of my students were busy. What I love most about this day through my students’ eyes is how it seems to be about love for everyone–family, friends, pets, teachers, you name it. Adults don’t tend to see it this way, so I dove in on this message. I found a way to fit every category of love in my life into this day. Here’s how I did it.

  • My Family
    This day always makes me think of family. I still get valentines in the mail from my parents. I call them on my way to work to tell them Happy Valentine’s Day in the same message I did on a valentine when I was a toddler. I send them valentines every year–one for the pair of them and one for each parent and my relationship with them. My brother and I don’t exchange valentines, but we do make sure to actually speak to each other day–calling on the phone, no texting.
  • My Friends
    I check in with my friends throughout the day to see how they’re doing adn to wish them a sweet day. Whether they have significant others or not, I make sure they all know they play a significant role in my life. We get together when schedules allow, so it’s not always on the day, but we get together close to it. It seems like quality time is something that all of us highly value, and that’s usually our gift to each other.
  • My Students
    I have a fun and holiday themed lesson for each of my groups. I wish them each a Happy Valentine’s Day and ask them how they are going to celebrate. I wander around their class parties when I can, and get away from the speech room to support the kids in their classrooms as much as possible.
  • My Self
    The most important relationship I have is the one I have with myself. I use this day to write down what I love about myself that I do only for myself. I am grateful to my body that keeps me moving, my brain that lets me be creative and analytical, my empathetic abilities to work with others and listen to them. I will treat myself to something special–a food I don’t normally eat or a new book to read. I like being able to treat myself to things I enjoy now, instead of having to ask others. Above everything, I make sure I am kind to myself on this day. That’s not always easy, but it’s the most important.

How do you show those in your life that they matter to you? How do you celebrate this holiday? I am challenging my readers to tell me how they show love to all of the significant parties in their lives.

Keep playing with words and see what your message creates!
–Stef the StageSLP

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